About Us

NextGmultimedia is a multimedia technology company which focuses on the research and development of end to end technology solutions in order to improve well-being. Dr. Namunu Maddage is the current managing director of the company.

The NextGmultimedia team (NextG team) works is in close collaboration with universities, research institutes, not-for-profit organizations, start-ups, and entrepreneurs to develop commercially viable applications and prototypes for the target audience.

The NextG team has established partnerships with leading international research groups doing research on multimedia signal processing (audio, music, speech, video, electrophysiological, text), language processing, information retrieval, pattern recognition, and machine learning.

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NextG team also has strong industry relationships with cloud platform providers (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Rackspace and Microsoft Azure) as the developed systems are hosted on these platforms.

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Our engineering and technical team has extensive experience in application and IT infrastructure development in cloud computing domain for Big Data, multimedia streaming, and machine learning projects. The systems that we built for healthcare and entertainment sectors are capable to manage millions of users worldwide.

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